In Pause First

I spend my days devising ways to introduce meditation to a traditionally skeptical and conservative audience. It’s like playing matchmaker to your wacky, unconventional cousin and your serious, studious college roommate. The union might make no logical sense, but you just know they’re perfect for each other.

To that end, I’m constantly debunking preconceived notions that meditation is weird, hippy-dippy, aligned with certain religions, opposed to certain religions, or a general waste of time. I suppose meditation can be all of these, but in can also be a practical, natural way to reduce stress and improve overall health. In fact, it’s a well-researched, tried and true way to reduce stress and improve health. So today, I bring you a down-and-dirty list of non-mystical, data-derived benefits.

Non Woo Woo Meditation Benefits
1. Meditation slows the heart rate
2. Can help lower blood pressure, and can:
3. Reduce symptoms of anxiety
4. Alleviate depression
5. Diminish sleep problems
6. Enhance immune system
7. Improve brain function

But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. The best way to learn more about meditation is to do it. You can start by finding an app, a podcast, or a meditation teacher you like, and then just give it a go! Or, pop over to my resource page, take a look at some of the instructional material and try one of my relaxation audios to help get you started.

If you find it difficult to sit still, maintain focus, or quiet your mind, please know this is the rule and not the exception! Sitting still and doing nothing is counterintuitive to most human beings. But be patient and be willing to practice, and with time it will get easier.

Why not start now?