About Pause First

In 2014, Kim Colegrove lost her husband David to suicide. She created The Pause First to honor her husband’s memory, and to help other first responders cope with stress and trauma.

​The Pause First team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have years of experience with meditation and mindfulness. We are dedicated to helping first responders build resilience through education and a trauma-sensitive approach to the evidence-based practices we teach.

At Pause First, we are active members of the following associations:

  • ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Trainers Association)
  • FBHA (Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance)
  • MAM (Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness)
David Pause First

David M. Colegrove, former police officer and Senior Special Agent, Ret. 1963-2014

The Battle Within

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Pause First is honored to partner with The Battle Within by providing meditation and mindfulness training.

The Revenant Journey

This free 5-day program gives warriors the opportunity to come together to discover what burdens them, allow them to safely face those burdens, and give them the tools to begin working at overcoming them. This holistic approach using evidence-based methods tends to the whole warrior; mind, body and soul.


Kim Colegrove Pause First

My Motivation

My husband, David, retired from a 30-year law enforcement career, and less than three months later, he took his own life. First responders are trained to do their job and they do it well. But, an overwhelming number of first responders are not prepared for the mental and emotional impact of the job. I created Pause First: Mindfulness for First Responders, to honor David and to help other first responders positively cope with the stress and trauma that comes with the job.

My Experience

I have been practicing meditation for more than 40 years and have taught mindfulness professionally since 2011. I’m the creator of PAUSE15 Meditation℠ and Learn to Pause℠ Mindfulness Training. Although I work exclusively with first responders now, I have had the honor to help corporations and their employees in the past. My corporate clients include: Garmin International, The National Court Reporters Association, Department of Veterans Affairs, United Way and more.

My Mission

The mission of Pause First: Mindfulness for First Responders is to normalize meditation and mindfulness in first responder communities using evidence-based practices. At Pause First, we encourage people to use meditation and mindfulness as practical tools to reduce stress and improve overall health.



  • Kim's class was great! We received so many compliments and several deputies came to talk to me after the presentation. I think our people are beginning to understand that it is ok to feel “not ok” at times, and presenters like Kim are playing a big part in that. I would highly recommend this in-service training.

    Christy Knowles, Undersheriff Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office, WI
  • The work Kim and her associates are doing will change the culture of our industry. It won’t happen overnight, but neither did CIT, and look at all the lives we have changed and saved.

    John Wallschlaeger Owner, Gold Stripe Consulting, LLC
  • I continue to do my breathing and meditations and it helps tremendously – immediately relaxes me and gets rid of the ache in my neck. Sleeping better and handling stress better.

    CJ Rieg Chief Assistant District Attorney, Douglas County, Kansas
  • I have worked with emergency responders for a long time through CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) and other channels. Kim Colegrove has offered many trainings at Johnson County Mental Health Center, and I believe the work of Pause First can help the mental health professionals and first responders who work so hard to keep us safe and healthy.

    Susan Rome Deputy Director, Johnson County Mental Health Center
  • Kim Colegrove provided a four hour block of training on Meditation and Mindfulness for all of our 200+ employees. She told her story, spoke about the science of stress and trauma and provided instruction on techniques to mitigate some of life’s stressors.

    This class in not just a class for your job, it is a class for your life. I recommend Kim Colegrove and Pause First for not only law enforcement training, but any first responder related field.  She is down to earth and knows how to reach this very critical and suspicious demographic.

    Sgt. Brian W. London Training Coordinator, Riley County Police Department


The Battle Within
Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness