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Pause First Academy is revolutionizing in-service training, continuing education, and individual personal growth for society’s warriors, protectors, guardians and healers. We offer resilience training and evidence-based practices, such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga, with a focus on holistic wellness and work-life balance.

Our online, on-demand courses are perfect for today’s physical distancing protocols. Individuals can purchase a single course or join our community by selecting a Premier Membership subscription, and we have special subscription pricing is available for agencies and organizations.

Join employers like Missouri Department of Corrections who are offering this groundbreaking wellness program to their employees by choosing an annual subscription.

Pause First Academy offers resilience training for:

All First Responders, active and retired • Law Enforcement • Corrections Personnel • Dispatchers • Firefighters • EMTs • Paramedics • Active Military and Veterans • Nurses • Healthcare Employees • Social Workers • Mental Health Professionals…and others

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You can take a single course, but if sustainable wellbeing is what you’re looking for, it’s a membership you need. Watch this video to learn more.

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Bulk pricing available for agencies and organizations. Contact Support@pausefirst.com.

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Yoga for First Responders
The Battle Within